A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"There is a place where souls go after death.
They all arrive with pending issues, unsolved business or regrets from their life.
And that is why they all try to go back.

However, at some point, they stop trying.
(Or someone makes them stop...)"


AFTERLIFE is a 3D RPG with 2D sprites.

You are a soul who just arrived into the Afterlife and needs to go back to Life. As you play, you find out you are not the only one looking for a way to return from Death...


  • Explore the world and find hidden secrets.
  • Combat is not turn-based. Use your reflexes to evade and shoot at the right time.
  • Boss battles.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Lots of humor!
  • Pretentious quotes about life and death.
  • Meet other souls!
  • Languages: English and Español


[C] : HEAL


AFTERLIFE is currently being developed by one person. To learn more about development or leave your feedback, you can find the game account on Twitter.


AFTERLIFE_demo_v1.zip 24 MB
afterlife.app.zip 25 MB


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Best demo ever!  It's so polished, and the humor is even better than Paper Mario.  I love the art style--I made something in this 3D gameboy game style once and I'm so excited that there's going to be a fully fledged game coming out that looks like this.

I hope the whole game isn't going to be so stingy with potions, though, because I'm really bad at skill-based action.

Thanks you for your comment! We all wanted a game with a 3D gameboy style! That's why I'm making it :)

About the potions, I think I'll add some places where you can heal for free.

Thanks for playing!


Time flew by while being immersed in AFTERLIFE. This game has the potential to become a huge hit! Worth checking it out! 

Thanks for your comment! I'm working on the full release!


You have my support! Keep it up :)

What was this made with?


Game was made in Unity. I used Blender for 3d stuff and Aseprite for sprites.

Awesome work man, love the sense of humour, look forward to seeing more!


"You can't use the portal! WE need the portal!"


Thank you for playing!


hey!! is it too much to ask for a MAC build as well? I really want to check this game :O!!

I made a MAC build but I can't test it  (since I don't have a MAC).

Can you try it and let me know if you could play?

yeah sure!! I'll let u know as soon as i test it! thank u very much :)

no problem :)

man I love it!! just consider adding an option to change the volume of the sfx/music separately. Even though they were fine from my speakers while I put my headphones on my ears hurt from the sfx :P

But the game is overall really great.

P.S. I love your humor !! Cheers!

I'm glad you could play it! I will add those options for sounds.

Thanks for playing!


this is an extreamly good game it reminded me alot of undertale in the early stage's work a bit on it tune down the amount of attacks the player can make and make some damage tuneing's and add some items and BOOM you would have a new game on par with undertale 

Thanks for your feedback! Of course, Undertale is one of my influences for making this game.

I released this demo to see if I was on the right path. So far, I'm happy with the feedback I received, so I'm working on turning this into a full game. 

Death? Check. The Grim Reaper? Check. Random battles with random henchmen? Check. Attempting to figure out how to get back through a mysterious portal and back to the land of the living whilst simultaneously trying to stop a bad guy from doing the very same thing himself? Erm... check!

This game offers something so refreshing and unique, it's an RPG that doesn't take itself too seriously and yet has some wonderful world-building hidden behind the jokes and self-referential humour.

With some dedication and love, this can be a great addition to the world of subversive, genre-spinning RPGs, and I for one am definitely coming along for the ride! Keep up the awesome work =)

A way of looking at life after death different from what was already established 2000 years ago.